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How it works

Now that you are consider enrolling your four-legged baby, we have some guidelines to adhere to and tips to follow – all for the happiness of the whole pack of hounds!

Safety First

It is normal for a dog to be very tired or to act out of character after his/her first day, as a first day can be stressful. Just like being a new kid in school, it can be overwhelming.  Should the symptoms persist, we would like to be informed about it. Some dogs take longer to adjust than others.


All dogs must be fitted with a collar and tag with the owner's number on it.  We recommend that you fit your dog with a leather collar, as they last the longest and are the most comfortable.


Your dog will be tested for social skills on the first day. For obvious reasons, no aggression towards other dogs will be tolerated.  Aggressive behaviour will result in your dog being separated from the other dogs or in extreme cases, your dog will be removed from the daycare. Likewise, aggression towards humans will not be accepted. The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that your dog will fit in with the rest of the pack and doesn’t have any undesirable behaviour patterns that will pose a risk to humans, other dogs, or the daycare.


Undesirable behaviour patterns include, but are not limited to, aggression towards any humans or animals, excessive barking or howling, and severe separation anxiety leading to escape attempts or destructive behaviour.


Dogs must be brought in and out of the daycare on a lead.

Growing Together

In Short

It is compulsory for your dog to be sterilized at 6 months or older. If not, your dog will be refused daycare. The reason behind this is males in the pack will be more aggressive towards those who are intact, as the intact males will threaten the existing hierarchy of the pack. Sterilized males don't feel the need to ‘be the boss’. There have rarely been any fights at Puppylove Daycare, and this has been prevented by admitting only sterilized dogs. If you sterilize your dog after 6 months of age e.g. at 1 year, the testosterone or estrogen hormones will take 1 ½ months to leave his/her system. Your dog will only be able to attend daycare after that period has passed. 


We take doggies a minimum of twice a week, otherwise, they continuously struggle to become a part of the pack, and do not enjoy daycare in full. Basically, this is a school – a child that attends school once a week will never make friends or learn anything substantial.


We will do everything in our power to discuss any issues we are experiencing with a dog with the owner and to work together on solving problem behaviours, e.g. sudden pacing or increased barking. We do sometimes experience behavioural changes in the daycare as the dogs grow and adjust to the pack. We are here to make the daycare a happy, safe place for everyone. Behaviour is unpredictable though, and can result in us trying different techniques to eventually find what works best for the specific dog. We ask that clients have patience with us in this regard. Every dog is unique. We are not a dog behavioural facility.

Please have your dog here at 06:30 SHARP on his/her first day, so that he/she can be one of the first dogs in the daycare, otherwise, he/she has to meet them all at once, which can be stressful on the first day. 


Drop-off before 09:00 daily.  This is to work all their energy off effectively. In the event that your dog gets removed from daycare, no refunds will be given. We like working with the owners on problems, as they do sometimes arise, but we do reserve the right to remove a dog immediately if it’s a danger to our staff, workshop attendees or the other dogs. 


No refunds will be given, but days can be swapped out to suit the owner’s schedule, as long as it happens within the same month.  

Terms & Conditions

I accept that Puppylove Daycare (Pty) Ltd will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the wellbeing and safety of my pet and myself and that they will not be held liable in the unlikely event of damages/veterinary treatment suffered by me or my pet due to injury, illness, escape, death or any other cause. I agree to fully indemnify Puppylove Daycare (Pty) Ltd and staff to any claim for damages of whatsoever nature arising out of any treatment, procedures and hereby render myself responsible for all costs that may be incurred. I will not hold Puppylove Daycare (Pty) Ltd or any of their employees, the property owners or any other party liable for any loss or injury whatsoever or death that may occur whilst attending the daycare. I hereby certify that I am the legal owner of all the pets listed on my file at this facility. I undertake to ensure that my pet/s are presented at this facility by myself (or the delegated adult person/s) and am aware that the staff of this facility will not be able to accept instructions from anyone else. I undertake to maintain my dog's vaccinations, de-worming and tick and flea application throughout the course of the attendance at this facility. I hereby agree that I have read the Rules and Regulations and the Terms and Conditions and that I accept them.


I acknowledge that I have supplied Puppylove Daycare (Pty) Ltd with: 
- a copy of my dog/puppy's rabies vaccination
- a copy of my dog/puppy's vaccination certificate
- a copy of my ID document, and

I hereby promise to uphold my pet's:
- MONTHLY tick and flea application
- de-worming
- future vaccinations for Parvo/Distemper
- kennel cough

- to sterilize my pet at 6 months of age should he/she continues attending daycare.

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